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June 2016



20 Myths About Escorts In Vegas

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20 myths of escorts

When visiting Vegas, some desire a bit of company from a call girl or escort. Many believe this practice to be filthy and shameful. However, we have 20 myths to dispel about Las Vegas Escorts and those who visit them. 

1. Escorts Have No Other Options
Those like Vegas Escorts who work as freelancers for legitimate organizations often choose that line of work. Having the good interpersonal skills and exceptional looks required is not for everyone. These ladies have not failed in other careers, they chose to work in this line.

2. Escorts Hate What They Do
Contrary to popular belief, many escorts in Vegas enjoy their line of work. Whether it’s money, or the simple fact that they enjoy sex, people choose it because they like it.

3. All Escorts Look The Same
This is a big one. You can find an escort of any kind. Brunette escorts, Asian Escorts, GFE escorts, mature escorts, petite escorts, you name it, you can find it. 

4. Escorts Look Cheap And Everyone Will Know I Hired Her
Escorts realize that looking good and having great conversational skills is essential to the job. They are not dressed trashy, and most people will believe they are your girlfriend or wife.

5. Escorts Have Diseases
Escorts in Vegas go through weekly STD checks and maintain good hygiene. They are safer and more professional about sexual safety than many regular people because it is part of their job.

6. This Is All Illegal
Inside the city limits, yes, it is illegal. But smaller outlying counties have legal Vegas Escorts, like Clark County.

7. Escorts Have Low Self Esteem And Daddy Issues
Regular people who have never been victimized or losers choose to be escorts all the time. Escorts are not primarily made up of people who lack self respect. 

8. It’s Only About Sex
You can hire an escort for just about anything. Even if you just want to see a show with someone, you can do that. It’s not always about sex.

9. This Isn’t Like A Real Business, I Don’t Have To Be A Cool Customer
Just like with any business, customers should be respectful and courteous. You are purchasing a service, not a slave. 

10. You Can Just Go There With Your Diseases
Many escorts, including mature escorts in Vegas, do physical checks on their customers before any activity. They have the right to refuse service to someone with open sores, herpes breakouts, or bleeding wounds. 

11. You Can Just Pay A Flat Fee And Do Whatever
Most girls have their own fees and schedule that they charge for different services. You get what you pay for, it’s not a buffet.

12. Only Losers Hire Escorts
This myth is absolutely untrue. Rich, middle class, athletic, unfit, etc. Tons of different people hire escorts. There are even bachelor party escorts in Vegas that entertain for parties. 

13. Escorts Will Laugh At You
Vegas escorts are professionals, they would never laugh at or insult a customer. Unless of course, you pay for them to be. 

14. A Male Will Need An Erection To Enjoy
Once again, there are many pleasurable services to be enjoyed that have nothing to do with sex, or sexual activities not requiring an erection. 

15. Escorts Are Not Pleasurable Because They Have Too Much Sex
The amount of sexual partners has no effect on the feel of an escort. That is not propaganda, that is science. 

16. Escorts Only Service Men
There are a variety of exotic escorts in Vegas that work with married couples, women, and even groups. 

17. Escorts Are Bad People
Vegas escorts are regular people, they are just in a line of work that’s not considered a normal career choice. 

18. Escorts Do Not Have Husbands Or Families
Some escorts do not have families, but others are close with their parents and even have husbands and children. Once again, they are normal people. 

19. Escorts Are Not Educated
There are escorts of all kinds. Some have been to college, some have not. Either way, they are professionals and know their work. 

20. Escorts Are Not Worthy Of Respect
This one is big. Vegas Escorts and escorts from elsewhere are human beings who deserve a level of respect that you would offer your waiter or your cousin from out of town. Now that some of those myths have been dispelled, have fun in Vegas!

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